Sewage Treatment Equipments

Manual Bar Screen

We also manufacture S.S / M.S Manual Bar Screen as per the Client,s Site Parameters. It is so called becauses the garbage is collected through the Bar Screen is through a Manual Rake System. Flat Size is generally used is of 50 x 10 mm with Bar to Bar Gap is 20-40 mm

Circular Clarifier

Circular Clarifier Equipment is suitable for allsewage settlement applications and the treatment of trade effluents and process . It has however been designed with particular reference to need for rapid collection

Mechanical Aerators

Aerators are used in biological treatments to convert organic matters in biological cell mass thereby reducing the BOD. Biological matters consumes disolved oxygen for respirations and mechanical surface airators are provided to replenish oxygen thus used.

Decanter Centrifuge

solids of 5~7μm can be separated, so harmful solids can be separated from the mud, so that gravity and viscosity of the mud can be controlled. Most drill team will choose this kind of centrifuge at present.

Detritor Sewage Treatment Equipment

Detritors are shallow circular ponds used in pretreatment plants with the purpose of grit removal. Another scraper of chain or blade type is utilised in an adjacent channel into which the collected grit is transferred.

Mechanical fine screen

We also involves in Fine screeninf with bar size of 125 x 2 mm woth gap of 3-10 mm as per the requirement of Client

Surface Aerator

Dipra Enterprises also involves in fabrication of surface aerator as per the client requirement. these are of two types i.e fixed type surface aerator and floating type surface aerator

Floating Aerator

Dipra Enterprises also deals in the business of floating aerator. These are further classified as of low speed and high speed floating aerator
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